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The current book introduces the methodology of data envelopment analysis (DEA) as a data-oriented operations analytics. This data analysis tool analyzes multiple performance metrics, integrates multi-dimensional data into a composite index, and recommends directions for improvement. A number of DEA books have been written for conventional and new DEA models. Yet, many of these books still require fundamental and necessary knowledge on linear mathematical optimization. This book is uniquely designed to present the DEA methodology in an applied setting where a reader is not required to have the knowledge on linear programming and linear algebra.


This book provides readers with the fundamental concepts and models needed to understand and use DEA. The focus of the book is on how to use DEA as an operations analytics tool for performance evaluation and benchmarking.

Topics include balanced benchmarking, best-practices, concept of relative efficiency, and performance improvement. Examples in both manufacturing and service industries are provided. Specifically, the data analysis technique discussed can help organizations to test about their assumptions about productivity and provide guidelines for continuous improvement.

By studying this book, readers are expected to

1) Learn data analysis tool for balanced benchmarking when multiple (sometime conflicting) key performance metrics are present.
2) Develop balanced benchmarking models for specific applications.
3) Identify best practices where traditional data analysis tools are not able to succeed.
4) Integrate different measures without the need to convert them to dollar value.
5) Handle information which are in different scales and units of measurement, and non-economic factors.
6) Perform productivity and market analysis along with operational performance evaluation.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Operations Analytics and Benchmarking
Chapter 2: Balanced Benchmarking
Chapter 3: Data Envelopment Analysis
Chapter 4: Performance Improvement
Chapter 5: Cases
Chapter 6: Benchmarking Share

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Translated by
Professors Yande GONG and Xiang LI
Nanjing Audit UNiversity